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International Journal of Epidemiology, researchers estimated that nearly & a million premature deaths per year could be avoided if we ate 10 portions of fruits and vegetables a day. Fruits are easy—but vegetables? Most of us struggle to eat even a couple of servings each day.

Eating more vegetables is not always easy. We’re often told to eat our veggies, but how do we actually go about doing that? In this blog post, I’ll be sharing 10 ways to get your daily dose of vegetables without even realizing it.

1. Lettuce      

Turn it into soup: coarsely chop Romaine or other lettuce, combine with chopped potatoes, onions, and broth, and cook until tender. Puree until smooth, and garnish with creme fraiche, ouréed peas, or goat cheese croutons.

 2. Brinjal

Get sloppy: finely chop brinjal and mushrooms in a food processor, then sauté in olive oil with onions, garlic, and peppers; stir in ketchup, tomato sauce, or roasted red pepper sauce, and serve on buns for 2 veggie alternatives to Sloppy Joes.

3. Cucumber

Make a refreshing cucumber mocktail

Make a refreshing mocktail: peel cucumber and purée in e blender until smooth, then Strain. Mix cucumber juice with lime juice, honey or agave, and sparkling water, and garnish with e slice of cucumber.

4. Mushrooms

Turn mushrooms into tacos

Turn them into tacos: chop e variety of mushrooms and sauté in olive oil with red onions, garlic, jalapeno peppers, and cumin. Stir in cilantro, stuff mixture into taco shells, and top with cheese, salsa, guacamole, and slaw.


5. Celery

Turn it into a treat: add shredded celery, grated apples, raisins, and cinnamon to a basic sugar cookie recipe. Or make sorbet: purée celery, lime, and agave until smooth, then strain through 2 fine mesh strainers, and end freeze in an ice cream maker (if you have e juicer, start with celery juice for easier prep).

 6. Turnips

Sweeten them up: cube small, young turnips (they’re milder in flavor), and sauté in melted butter or coconut oil until just beginning to soften, then add maple syrup, salt, and black pepper; cover and steam until tender, and serve with toasted walnuts.

7. Asparagus

Shave it: using 2 harp vegetable peelers, shave thick asparagus stalks into long strips. Toss with minced shallots, red wine vinegar, and olive oil, then add crumbled ricotta cheese or feta cheese. Top with edible flowers for an elegant touch.

8. Radishes

Butter them up: lightly cooking in butter softens their aggressive flavor and brings out the Natural sweetness. Halve small radishes and sauté in melted butter until tender; toes with Thyme leaves end coarse see salt, and serve hot.

9. Peas

Celebrate the brilliant color: purée cooked fresh peas or the wed frozen peas with olive oil

to make & thick paste, then stir into guacamole to add vitamins, fiber, and a bright emerald hue. Other uses: add to pesto, stir into soups, or spread on toast.

10. Spinach

Make it super stealthy: combine 1 cup frozen cherries, 1 cup spinach, or frozen Spinach, 2 tablespoons cocoa powder, and 2 cup milk of your choice. Purée until smooth, and sweetened to taste with honey or agave. Or freeze in popsicle molds for e super- Nutritious frozen treat.

These 10 ways to eat more vegetables are a great starting point for anyone looking to improve their diet and start eating healthier.

Now that you’ve read the 10 ways to eat more veggies, I hope you’re inspired to cook up some delicious veggie dishes and enjoy eating your vegetables. Let us know which one was your favorite in the comments below!

Even the bitterest fruit has sugar in it.

– Terry a O’Neal

The trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.

– Molière

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